Friday Industries
Friday Industries is a full-service photography, design, and branding studio based in Boulder, Colorado. We specialize in multiple disciplines with clients ranging from individuals to Fortune 500 companies such as Mercedes Benz.
My Contributions
As the Co-Founder and COO of Friday Ind. I ensure that all our operations are up to standard. I assure that all our clients are happy, ensure that all our projects are running smoothly, and handle any operational concerns that team members or clients have. Additionally I lead all photography operations and assign projects to different shooters depending on the skill level and the project complexity.
Entrepreneur House
Located in Boulder, CO, the Entrepreneur House is a group of driven individuals looking to improve themselves and their businesses in every aspect. From pitch nights to a network of seasoned entrepreneurs, the E House helps aspiring entrepreneurs find their way and develop valuable relationships and skills that will continue to benefit them for the entirety of their journey.
My Contributions
As a member of the E-House I contribute to the ongoing operations including the programming, networking, and selection process of new members. We prefer to keep the community as a well knit commuity, but we are always happy to accomodate and invite new members.

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